The God of mission

The God of mission calls our name 

and waits for us to see 

the broken world he loves so much, 

which needs to be set free. 


It is a world which cannot see 

how, trapped by wealth and pain, 

it needs a broken Saviour’s death 

to be set free again. 


What holds us back from offering 

to cross the threshold here? 

Have we been trapped and blinded too 

or limited by fear? 


Confronted by a bigger God 

what will our answer be? 

Can we believe a Pentecost 

that calls us to our knees? 


Now, driven by the wind of Grace - 

as heart and heaven conspire - 

we speak in languages of hope

and burn with holy fire.

Copyright 2008 © Gareth Hill Publishing/Song Solutions CopyCare, 14 Horsted Square, Uckfield, TN22 1QG