Lord of ages

past remembering

Lord of ages past remembering

Lord of ages yet to be.

Hope of every generation,

yours the grace that sets us free.

Thorn and cross your battle tokens

symbols of a life laid down,

as the hope of all the nations

dies to claim us for his own.


So for this our generation

hear us as we bow the knee.

Shape our witness to our neighbour

send your Spirit, set us free!


For the lives where hope lies bleeding,

for the homes where love has died,

for the victims of injustice,

raise, O Lord, a battle cry.

Bread and wine your passion’s tokens,

symbols still of hope restored.

In the sacrament we offer

we proclaim our dying Lord.


So for this our generation …

Make your Church a pilgrim people,

challenge our complacent ease.

Then, because your truth disturbs us,

Father, bring us to our knees.

Lives renewed your gospel tokens

symbols of the Spirit’s call.

As the world that you have ransomed

hears the truth: You died for all.


So for this our generation …


Metre 87.87.D

Tune: Morgenlied (Now the year is crowned with blessing in the old Methodist Hymn Book)

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