I've woken up

(burn the bridges)

I’ve woken up. I’ve got a plan.

I told my friends. I told the Man.

The only one I haven’t told is you.

I’m kinda thrilled. I’m kinda scared.

I never thought – I never dared – 

believe that one day this might all come true.


So, grab your bag, go pack your things

and I’ll make room for what you bring:

the future’s waiting just beyond our sight.

Today’s the day we stick or twist.

The car’s out back, we won’t be missed.

I need to know if you can dare to fly.

You can help me burn the bridges

when we’re on the other side.

We could strike a blow for liberty.

Heading for that new horizon,

No one there to hold us back:

You’ll see, I promise this, you’ll see.


We’ve talked of nothing else since we were kids

To quit this sleepy town

To find a whole new life.

Was everything we told ourselves a lie

or can we fly, can we fly?

You can help me burn the bridges ...

(repeat to fade)


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