Heaven's heart is pulsing

Heaven’s heart is pulsing

to Creation’s hymn:

as the Father speaks, the

new world starts to sing.

Light and love are radiant - 

everything is good.

All the world is ringing

with the song of God.

Say among the nations,

‘let the earth rejoice,

for the Lord is worthy

of our highest praise’.


Golden on the hillside,

shines the evening light.

All of heaven’s palette

shades the infinite.

Every life is marked as

God’s own work of art:

won, through cross and suffering;

saved and set apart.


Say among the nations ...


Now Salvation’s rhythm

moves our feet and hands:

‘do the works of justice’

is the Grace command.

Make us more than singers

in redemption’s choir,

so the lives around us

see our hearts on fire.

Say among the nations ...

Tunes: Armageddon (Who is on the Lord’s Side)


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