From sandy cove

From sandy cove and surfer’s wave

to sun-kissed cliff and moor;

from farmer’s field to ramblers’ path

and seagull’s cry to children’s laugh

the whole creation sings

the whole creation sings


Creator God, your name is heard,

in every wind that blows;

in summer breeze and sailor’s gales

we hear of love that never fails

and all creation sings

and all creation sings


From great cathedrals’ soaring praise 

To voices cracked with age;

from chapel pulpit, market hall

our lives will echo one and all

that all creation sings

that all creation sings


To you, who spoke the Word of Life

and saw Creation grow;

to you who heard the new world ring

we offer all that we can bring

‘til all creation sings

‘til all creation sings


Gareth Hill © 2003 Gareth Hill Publishing/Song Solutions CopyCare, 14 Horsted Square, Uckfield, TN22 1QG

This was written originally for the Royal Cornwall Show service, held in the main parade ring at Wadebridge on the evening before the annual show opens.

This tune is by my collaborator Len Olds.